Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Are Airbender Inflatables licensed and insured?
A.Ensuring that our inflatables are licensed and insured is a top priority for us as responsible operators. By obtaining the necessary licensing, we demonstrate our commitment to complying with safety regulations and industry standards. This not only safeguards the well-being of those who enjoy our inflatables but also instills confidence in their parents or guardians. Additionally, maintaining comprehensive insurance coverage provides an extra layer of protection against any unforeseen accidents, property damage, or liability claims. By prioritizing the licensing and insurance of our inflatables, we strive to create a professional and secure environment where clients can confidently enjoy their experiences knowing that their safety and interests are safeguarded. If your or anyone is in need of a copy of the license and insurance please let a representative know.
Q.Are Bounce Houses Clean?
A.Keeping bouncy houses clean is essential to maintain a safe and enjoyable experience for users. Regular cleaning and sanitization routines are crucial to remove dirt, debris, and germs that may accumulate over time. Thoroughly inspecting and wiping down inflatable surfaces, including walls, floors, and entrances, helps ensure a hygienic environment. Additionally, using appropriate commercial cleaning products that are safe for the materials of the bouncy house is important to prevent damage. By prioritizing cleanliness, operators can provide a clean and sanitary space for users to bounce and play, promoting both enjoyment and peace of mind. All items are cleaned and sanitized before and after use.
Q.What type of payments do you accept?
A.We accept all major credit cards (Debit cards, ATM cards, and Credit cards). We do not accept cash as payment, personal checks and money orders.
Q.Is a deposit required?
A.Yes, a 30% nonrefundable deposit is required to secure your reservation when renting inflatables for your event. This deposit serves as a commitment to the rental company and ensures that the inflatables are reserved exclusively for your event. It also helps protect the rental company from potential cancellations or no-shows. Once the deposit is made, you can rest assured knowing that your inflatables will be ready to provide hours of fun and entertainment for your guests. In the event of a cancellation, the reservation can be kept for up to one year from the originally scheduled event date. This allows you to reschedule your event within the given timeframe without losing your deposit, providing flexibility and peace of mind.
Q.What is your refund policy and reschedule policy?
A.Please be informed that our cancellation policy entails a non-refundable deposit fee of 30%. In the event that your event has already been set up, same-day cancellations will not be eligible for any refunds, and full payment for the event will be required. In case you wish to reschedule, we will retain 30% of the total event cost and apply it towards your next event. This deposit will remain on file for up to 1 year from the day you cancel/reschedule. However, this rescheduling must be done 7 days before the original event date. If you have any questions about our refund and reschedule policy please give us a call.
Q.When is payment due?
A.A 30% deposit is required at the time of booking. The remaining balance can be paid at any time before the event date or on the day of the event.
Q.What type of parties and events do you host?
A.If there is fun to be had, we set up there. You can find us hosting events including but not limited to: birthdays, church events, school events, family reunions, summer camps, work events, corporate events and many more. If you decide to use our services at a park please let the city know in advance that you are using us.
Q.What is your weather policy?
A.If your event is located outside and the winds are causing the inflatables to become unstable and affecting the stability of the inflatables, all inflatables and blowers need to be cut off and deflated until the winds have settled in order to ensure the safety of everyone. If the wind is blowing more than 15 mph we ask that you remove everyone out of the inflatable and to deflate the inflatable(s) until the winds have decreased below the 15 mph threshold. If your event is located outside and the day of your event calls for any type of consistent rain, units will not be delivered and rescheduling will be encouraged. If it begins to rain after the units are set up, all units and blowers will need to be disabled until the skies are clear. Once or if the skies clear, all units need to be dried and wiped down before use. Please contact us 24 hours in advance prior to your event if any of these apply to you on the day of your event. See terms and conditions for additional information.
Q.Can we see a copy of your contract and safety rules?
A.Yes, there is a link in your receipt once you've ordered and there is a link on our website.
Q.What does your Inflatable price include?
A.Delivery, set up, and clean up. Delivery fees apply.
Q.How many children will fit in a bounce house at one time?
A.Unit occupancy will vary depending on the size of each unit and the capacity. A representative will provide you with a rental agreement that will include rules and regulations. If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call.
Q.Are we responsible for the unit if it gets a tear or damaged in any way?
A.You are not responsible for normal wear and tear on our units. After delivery, If you notice any tears once the inflatable is set up please alert us asap. However, if damage occurs due to negligence not adhering to our safety policy and failure to follow our rules you will be responsible for all damages up to and including replacement of the unit and blower etc. We want to mitigate an unfortunate situation for both parties which is why we have a damage waiver fee that is available for you to sign and initial if you choose to do so to be considered a trained operator. Please check out our Damage Waiver.
Q.How far in advance should I reserve my Bounce Houses?
A.When you reserve it depends on the time of year and season. For example, during holidays and the warmer months, we suggest you book in advance rather than on the same day due to high demand. We typically ask people to book at least 2 days before their event.
Q.How do I book an Inflatable rental?
A.Please give us a call or follow the steps on our webpage.
Q.What if we need to cancel?
A.If the cancellation is due to weather we ask that you call us 24 hours in advance. If the cancellation is not weather dependent we ask for a 14 days notice. After your event has been set up, same-day cancellations will not be eligible for a full refund and your event will need to be paid in full. Please call us if you have questions contact us.
Q.Do you collect sales tax?
A.Yes. Remember, the subtotal does not not include sales tax. The sales tax will be included at check out.
Q.Does the price include set up, delivery, and pick up?
A.Yes, although, additional fees may apply for events over extended distances. Lastly, prices do not include sales tax.
Q.Can I pick up the bounce house and set it up myself?
A.No. We will bring everything, set it up, and pick it up without you having to be inconvenienced.
Q.Do you deliver to other cities?
A.Yes, but please be aware that with the rising cost of gas prices and labor, travel fees have risen. If you have questions give us a call or email.
Q.Can Adults jump in the bounce houses?
A.Yes. Adults can use most of our bounce houses but we advise you to contact us prior to making your purchase so we can ensure the inflatable of your choice is adult appropriate.
Q.Can Adults and Children bounce together in the bounce houses?
A.No. Adults and children can NOT simultaneously jump together in the bounce houses due to risks of injury.
Q.Can Inflatables be set up indoors?
A.Yes, with available space, these units can be placed in gymnasiums, churches etc.
Q.How long is your Full Day Rental and can we rent additional hours?
A.Our full-day rental is 6 hours, however, you can rent additional hours for a reasonable fee.
Q.Does the 6-hour rental time include the setup time?
A.No. We arrive early in order for you to enjoy the entire time playing.
Q.What can Inflatables be placed on?
A.We can place the inflatables on cement, asphalt, grass, concrete, and indoors. We prefer to not place the inflatables on gravel due to increased risks of tears and rips in the vinyl. When the units are in use outside we use steel stakes to anchor down the units. When the inflatables are set up inside we use sandbags; Both methods adhere to safety, rules, and regulatory guidelines.
Q.When do you set up?
A.We generally set up hours before the event begins. However, if there are multiple deliveries on the day of your rental we may need to set up earlier in the morning or the day before. If this is the case we will notify you in advance to coordinate a time for the delivery.
Q.Is an adult required at all times to supervise the use of an Inflatable and concessions?
A.Yes. Improper and misuse of any of the equipment including but not limited to the inflatables and concessions can cause serious injury. In this case, it is very important that an adult supervises at all times in order to adhere to our safety and regulation policies.
Q.Can I keep the Inflatable overnight?
A.Yes, for a small reasonable fee. If you choose to purchase the inflatable with the overnight fee, the unit must be placed in a secure area. If this is the case, please contact us and we will assist you with taking the necessary steps to secure the unit. However, we have the right to deny and cancel this at any time based on the inflatables availability, weather etc. Overnight Rentals: Lessee understands and acknowledges that the blower is to be removed from the Inflatable device and locked up in a secure location overnight.
Q.Can I wash the inflatable using a water hose?
A.No. Water can not be used on Inflatables that are not designed for such use. However, we have Inflatables that are designed for water. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know. A representative will let you know if we have water units available.
Q.Do we need to keep the Inflatable plugged in the entire time?
A.Yes. The blower will need to run constantly in order for the inflatable to remain inflated. We bring our own heavy-duty 50 ft-100 ft extension cords.
Q.Do you bring extension cords?
A.Yes, we bring our own 50 ft-100 ft heavy-duty cords.
Q.Is it safe to use electricity with Inflatables that require water?
A.Extension cords or any other cords should be as far away from water as possible. Outlets need to be protected by GCFI.
Q.Can you all set up the inflatables at parks, fields, stadiums etc?
A.Yes, but, you may need to rent one of our affordable generators if there isn't an outlet within 50-100ft. If you would like to use our company at a particular park please call the park 1st to verify if we are a vendor. If we are not a vendor give us a call and we will give them a call.
Q.What if the Inflatable loses power?
A.If the inflatable loses power please remove anyone near the inflatable and move out any person that's in the inflatable then check to see if the cord has been unplugged or if the circuit breaker tripped. If the circuit breaker tripped you can either reset it or try another outlet. If those options do not work contact us then contact your local electrician.
Q.What kind of power is required?
A.Our commercial power cords are compatible with standard wall outlets.
Q.Do you offer a damage waiver?
A.Yes, we have this located on our website and at checkout. Please call us or email us with any questions or concerns.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at: (828) 292-3971

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